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Building Self-Determination and Advocacy

Partners in Policymaking (PIP)
This is an advocacy training program for individuals with developmental disabilities and family members. The program is designed to provide information, training, and skill building so that participants may better advocate for change. The intended goal is to achieve a partnership between people needing and using services and those in a position to make policy and law.

Youth Leadership Forum (YLF)
The Able Trust will host the Florida Youth Leadership Forum in July in Tallahassee. At least 50 current high school sophomores and juniors who have disabilities will be selected as delegates (at least 15 are students with developmental disabilities). The YLF is designed to bring together young people with disabilities and with leadership potential and help prepare them for the future at a four-day event where students with disabilities cultivate leadership, citizenship and social skills.

Florida Self-Advocacy Alliance (FSAA)
Provide funding to help the self-advocates establish a statewide developmental disability self-advocacy network to build self-advocates’ capacity for advocacy and systems change. The FSAA may choose to have the Council support its efforts to print brochures and member applications, support means for groups communication, mailings and to hold an annual conference.

The Route to Self-Determination
The purpose is to conduct outreach activities and trainings to promote self-determination for unserved and underserved Floridians with Developmental Disabilities in 3 areas of the state. Those targeted include individuals in rural areas, minorities and/or Spanish-speaking individuals, and those for whom English is a second language. Based on the needs assessment, training materials will be developed to promote self-determination, self-advocacy and independence.

Florida Self-Advocates Network'D (FLSAND) and Local Grassroots Groups
The purpose is to conduct a needs assessment to best identify and provide supports and resources currently needed by this grassroots organization. This will result in assisting the FL SAND members to participate in cross-disability and culturally diverse leadership coalition in their local communities and state-wide. In addition, the three additional local self-advocacy groups under Florida SAND will be established during this time period.

Project SALT (Self-Advocates Leadership Training)
Year 1 - Develop Train the Trainer guide from Toolkit and train 6 self-advocates to provide training and mentorship to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Years 2-5 - Each year in years 2-5, 6 or more self-advocates will be trained to train other individuals with developmental disabilities to become leaders. The training will help those to learn more about self-determination disability issues and education of public policy makers.

Reducing My Stress - Information for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
This initiative will develop a publication targeted at individuals with developmental disabilities on how to identify and reduce the stressors in their lives. The provider will identify existing publications about stress and stress management and modify the language for individuals with developmental disabilities.

My Health Care
This initiative has developed a curriculum to educate self-advocates on how to communicate with health care professionals and to identify and advocate for their own health care needs. The project team will refine, pilot and evaluate a curriculum designed to empower adults with developmental disabilities to better meet their own wellness and health care needs through improved communication skills.

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