Meet the FDDC Staff

Valerie Breen- Executive Director
Responsible for oversight and coordination of Council activities. Staffs the Executive Committee

Richard Bivins - Communication Coordinator
Responsible for planning, developing and coordinating the Council's communication, marketing, and public relations activities.

Vanda Jenkins - Staff Assistant
Provides administrative support to the Executive Director, the Public Policy Coordinator and the Communication Coordinator.

Safee Broxton - Program Manager
Staffs the Housing/Transportation Sub-Committee

Misty Grimm - Finance Assistant
Provides administrative support to the Deputy Director of Finance.

Sheila Gritz-Swift - Deputy Director of Programs
Responsible for planning, developing, managing and providing oversight of the Council's funded projects.

Holly Hohmeister - Program Manager
Staffs the Workforce Sub-Committee.

Margaret Hooper - Public Policy Coordinator
Responsible for the planning, development and coordination of the Council's public policy and advocacy activities.

Jarl Jackson - Receptionist & Staff Assistant
Responsible for answering phones, staffing the front desk and provides administrative support to Council staff.

Rick Lockenbach - Program Manager
Staffs the Elementary/Post-Secondary Transition to Education Sub-Committee

Keyuanah Walker - Staff Assistant
Provides administrative support to the Community Living/Service Coordination Task Force, the Employment Task Force, the Health Care/Prevention Task Force and the Self-Advocacy Leadership Task Force.

Ann Smith - Program Manager
Staffs the Self-Advocacy Sub-Committee

Tracy Coomer - Program Manager
Staffs the Employment Sub-Committee

Cindy Tan - Special Projects Manager
Responsible for contract review and staffing the By-Laws Committee.

Lisa Taylor - Deputy Director of Finance
Responsible for planning, developing, implementing and oversight of the Council's financial, business, and office operations. Staffs the Finance Committee.

Carolyn Williams - Records Management and Compliance Assistant
Implements, tracks, and provides oversight to systems of accountability for Council administrative policies and procedures. Provides support to the Finance Unit and the Deputy Director of Programs.


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