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The Program Planning and Evaluation Committee periodically conducts assessments, hearings, and evaluations deemed necessary to determine the needs of persons with developmental disabilities. It keeps the Council fully informed of its findings including suggested solutions, policy statements, and recommended courses of action. Working under Council policy, the committee is responsible for seeking those improvements to the service delivery system necessary to meet the program and service needs of persons with developmental disabilities in the most effective way.

The committee is responsible for the development of the required state plan. This plan is the result of a comprehensive planning process that occurs between consumers, advocates, family members, service providers, state agency representatives and Council staff. The committee also is responsible for seeing that information about the state plan is disseminated to service providers and the general public of the state.

The committee monitors, reviews, and evaluates the implementation of the state plan. This committee also develops and guides the implementation of monitoring and evaluation strategies for various areas of Council activity.

This committee assures that all requests for proposals or invitations to negotiate required to meet objectives of the state plan receive maximum distribution.

The committee also administers Special Projects which address projects or activities designed to assist the Council in achieving the State Plan goals and objectives. Special Projects may also be designed to provide leadership development opportunities for Council members and/or support Council standing committees in fulfilling their responsibilities.

This committee also develops and guides the implementation of quality monitoring and evaluation strategies of contracts.

This committee assists the Executive Committee in developing and guiding the implementation of strategies for Council and staff self-evaluation on an annual basis and for other programs and activities as deemed necessary by the Council chairperson.

Additionally, this committee annually reviews the Council policy and procedures manual for adequacy and currency and recommends any necessary revisions to the Council.






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