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Historical information through September 30, 2016

The Public Policy and Advocacy Committee is responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and advising the full Council. They also perform activities to achieve outcomes identified by the Council, relative to federal and state legislation and public policy impacting persons with developmental disabilities or programs designed to serve them. This committee may propose, support, draft or have drafted through a legislator, legislation designed to elevate the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities, and/or prevent developmental disabilities, based on the legislative platform approved by the full Council.

Members of the committee and Council staff, at the direction of the Council, are authorized to advocate the position of the Council on specific issues before legislative committees and other appropriate groups. The committee coordinates its activities with other governmental and non-governmental agencies which advocate for persons with developmental disabilities and/or other agencies that provide other types of human services. Members serve as key sources of information statewide on the legislative needs of persons with developmental disabilities.

The committee also makes itself available as an informational resource on developmental disabilities to the federal and state executive and legislative branches, the news media, and the general public concerning issues related to pending legislation.


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