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The main areas of emphasis of the Community Living/Service Coordination Task Force are initiatives that enable an individual with a developmental disability to exercise self-determination, be independent, be productive, and be integrated and included in all facets of community life; control their environment by being as independent life possible; enable such individual to live, learn, work, and enjoy life in the community by having access to and use of housing and housing supports and services in their communities, including assistance related to renting, owning, or modifying an apartment or home.

 (At the discretion of the Council Chair, with the assistance of the Executive Committee, task forces may be appointed to accomplish special assignments required to implement the Council's mission and state plan. Once the Council approves these projects it is the members of the task force who are charged with overseeing and ensuring that the project is implemented and evaluated for effectiveness.)


Community Living & Service Coordination Task Force
Overview of Current Projects

Residential Options Of Florida (ROOF):  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to increase housing opportunities for Floridians with developmental disabilities. The mission of ROOF is to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to successfully obtain and maintain affordable and inclusionary housing of their choice.

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Guardianship Training for Attorneys & Families- The primary purpose of this project is to increase the knowledge of individuals with disabilities and their families about the various ways to provide decision-making assistance under Florida law. The Council has partnered with the Office of the Public Guardian, Inc. (OPG) to host a series of two-day workshops (one day for individuals and families and one day for attorneys) on guardianship and other decision making alternatives. Workshops have been held throughout the state over the course of the last three years. While there are currently no face to face workshops scheduled at this time, the Council has a self-paced web curriculum on this website for individuals and families who are interested in learning about this very important issue.

Developing Community Coalitions - The Council has developed a partnership with the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to develop three (3) sustainable coalitions in Florida that eventually can support the development of informal and volunteer services available in their area to help meet identified unmet needs of individuals with developmental disabilities who are currently on Florida’s Medicaid Waiver waitlist. A long term goal of this project is to form grassroots coalitions throughout the state that are capable of identifying and increasing access to generic or shared services that can be utilized by the larger community.
During the first year of this project, coalition building will take place in Escambia, Santa Rosa, & Okaloosa counties (Area 1), Jefferson, Madison & Taylor counties (Area 2) and Alachua, Bradford and Levey counties (Area 3). Participants of each coalition meet monthly to discuss the needs of their communities, conduct resource mapping and networking activities and to develop a cohesive structure for their coalitions. Please contact the Council office to learn more about meeting dates and times for these coalitions.

DD Wait List Strategic Plan - The Council has partnered with the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida to develop and convene a DD HCBS Waiver Wait List Stakeholders’ Task Force. The members of this task force will assist the Council with developing a comprehensive written strategic plan that will be useful in providing verifiable information and recommendations about the Home & Community Based Services Waiver Wait List to key state decision makers such as the Governor and the Florida Legislature. This initiative is a collaborative effort with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the Family Care Council of Florida, the Arc of Florida, Disability Rights Florida, families and individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as representatives of other developmental disabilities organizations and other stakeholders.
Alternative Residential Options Guide –The Council has partnered with the Florida Housing Coalition to develop a resource guide that will educate individuals and families on all of Florida’s available residential options for people with developmental disabilities. When completed, the Council will have a Florida specific housing resource guide that can be used by individuals and families to evaluate their individual housing needs to determine the most appropriate residential option for their specific situation. It is anticipated that the guide will be published in April 2013.

Transportation Guide – This Council initiative is designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and their advocates with county specific transportation information that can be used to help plan travel in their communities. The Council partnered with the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research to develop this user friendly guidebook which includes local maps, fare rates and other transportation related contact information. This resource is currently available for distribution.

Disaster Preparedness Guide – This Council initiative is designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities with Florida specific information on disaster preparedness. The guide is divided into three sections and includes a series of questions in a workbook format that can be completed by the user. Readers will be able to transfer their answers to these questions into a blank disaster plan, which is included as the last section of the guide. Topics include: Florida’s Emergency Management System, Disaster Supply Kits, Emergency Shelters, and the Special Needs Registry. This resource is currently available for distribution.

Guardianship & Guardianship Alternatives Guide - Entitled “Lighting the Way to Guardianship & Other Decision Making Alternatives”, this guide for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families provides up to date information about alternatives to guardianship. The guide also describes Florida’s guardianship and guardian advocacy process. This resource is currently available for distribution.

Planning Ahead Guide[4th Edition] - Entitled “Planning Ahead: A Guide for Parents, Family Members, and Legal Representatives of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, this guide provides up to date information about identifying federal, state and local agency resources for services and supports, becoming an advocate, exploring employment opportunities, considerations for choosing a place to live, and information on legal rights. The fourth edition has recently been completed and copies are now available.


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