ARCHIVED Request for Proposals

2nd Request For Proposals RFP 2017-HT-14500 Community-Based Housing Initiatives Study

RFP 2017-SA-14300 DD Network Collaborative Leadership Program

2017-WF-14900 Workforce Collaborative Training Initiative

RFP 2017-TRS-14700 Improving Elementary Through Postsecondary Transition Services

RFP 2017-HT-14500 

RFP TRP-14800 Transportation Mobility Manager Infrastructure

RFP 2017-TRS-14700 Improving Elementary Through Postsecondary Transition Services

RFP 2017-WF-14400 Waiver Provider - Compensation Stakeholders Workgroup

RFP 2016-ADM-14200 Council Staff Salary Study and Advancement Development

2nd Request - RFP 2017-HT-14500 Community Based Housing Initiatives Study

RFP 2017-TRS-15200 Improving Postsecondary Outcomes

RFP-2016-EM-13900 Employment Options Informed Choice Training   

Request For Bids: Personal Housing Assessment Guide Easy Read 

RFP 2015 SA 13400 Florida SAND & Local Grassroots Groups

RFP 2015 HC 13500 Community Health & Wellness 

RFP 2015 EM 13200 Supported Employment Provider Rate Study 

RFP 2015 EM 13300 Transportation Options Research Project 

Post School Options Guide Consultant  

RFP 2015-CD-13100 Before and Afterschool Technical Assistance

RFP 2015-CL-13000 Florida Criminal Justices System Study & Work Group 

RFP 2014-CD-12200 Person-Centered Situational Assessment 

RFP 2015-EM-12700 Progressive Employment Practices 

RFP 2015-CD-12400 Career and Technical Center Model

RFP 2015-CD-12300 Post-Secondary Options Guide 

RFP 2015-HC-12800 Improved Coordination of Medicaid State Plan & Community-Based Services

RFP 2015-HC-12600 Community Health and Wellness

Website Development Project Consultant            

Public Awareness Campaign Project

RFP 2015-HMG-12500 Help Me Grow Project Evaluation 

Information Technology Consultant 

RFP-2014-CD-11300 - Before & After School Transition Assistance                  

RFP-2014-CD-11600 - Universal Design for Learning Year 3  

RFP-2014-HC-11400 - Education and Training for Nurse Practitioners to Care for Adults with Developmetnal Disabilities 

RFP 2014-EM-11800 Employment First Messaging Video  RFP 2014-PE-12100 State Plan

DevelopmentRFP-2014-CD-11700 - First Steps and Beyond: A guide for parents of children and youth with developmental disabilities   

RFP-2013-CD-10800 - Disability Awareness Through English and Language Arts

RFP-2013-PP-11200 - Legislative Consultant

RFP-2013-CD-10900 - Early Steps Evaluator  

RFP-2013-CD-11000 - Abuse & Neglect Stakeholders Work Group

RFP-2013-CD-11100 Post-Secondary Manual Writer 

RFP 2013-HC-10700 Integrated Service Delivery Design for Medicaid State Plan and Community-Based Services

RFP 2012-CD-10600 Universal Design for Learning through Technology

RFP 2012-HC-10500 Reducing My Stress – Information for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Second Solicitation for Oral Health Care Training For Caregivers Initiative

RFP 2012-HC-10400 Early Steps Fund Development Opportunities

RFP 2012-SA-10300 Florida Self-Advocates Network’D (FL SAND) and Local Grassroots Groups

Second Solicitation of Request for Facilitation Services Florida Inclusive Housing Corporation

RFP 2012-CC-10200 Public Service Announcement

RFP 2012-CL-9700 Florida Inclusive Housing Corporation

RFP 2012-CL-9800 Restoration of Capacity Study & Work Group

RFP 2012-SA-9500 Reaching Out for Self-Determination

RFP 2012-PE-10100 Program Evaluation Plan

RFP 2012-SA-10000 Developing Training for Becoming Leaders

RFP 2012-HC-9600 Early Steps Fund Development Opportunities

RFP 2012-CD-9300 Inclusion in Career and Technical Training

RFP 2012-CD-9400 Universal Design for Learning Through Technology 

Request for Audit Services 2011

Informal RFP DD Waitlist Strategic Plan

RFP 2011-CD-9100 Disability Awareness Language Arts and Literacy Guide

RFP 2011-CC-9200 Public Relations/Media Consultant

RFP 2011-EM-9007 Employ Me 1st

RFP 2011-EM-9006 Developing Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Residing in Rural Communities

RFP 2011-HC-9005 Physician Training Program

RFP 2011-HC-9004 Community Wellness Needs Assessment

RFP 2011-CL-9003 DD Wait List Strategic Plan Development

RFP 2011-CD-9002 Let's Get Everyone to Work

RFP 2011-EM-9000 Discovering Personal Genius

Informal RFP - Transportation Stakeholders’ Task Force Project

Informal RFP - Residential Options Resource Guide Project

Informal RFP - Community Coalitions Project

RFP 2011-HC-9001 Coping with Stress – A Guide for Caregivers

RFP 2011-CD-8900 Disability Awareness Language Arts and Literacy Resource Guide





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