Legislative Bulletin - Early Steps Services

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council is supporting an Increase in Funding for Early Steps Services

To ensure the quality of Part C/ Early Steps, Florida's early intervention program, the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) is asking for additional funding for services provided by Early Steps. This program serves over 45,000 infants and toddlers annually with significant disabilities and developmental delays. The money would be used to help increase the capacity to provide services for those children who have complex developmental issues.

The Senate and the House are negotiating their budget differences this week in the legislative Budget Conference process. FDDC will be contacting the Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Conferees, Representative Denise Grimsley, Chair, Representative Aaron Bean, Representative Anitere Flores, Representative Audrey Gibson and Representative Eleanor Sobel thanking them for a proposed increase of $3 million dollars in cash for services for the Early Steps Program.

However, the House Health Care Conferees have not matched this proposal. FDDC will be urging Health Care Conferees, Representative Matt Hudson, Chair, Representative Jason Brodeur, Representative Travis Cummings, Representative Jose Diaz, Representative Jose Oliva, Representative Jimmy Patronis, Representative John Wood, Representative Janet Cruz, and Representative David Richardson to meet the Senate proposal of $3 million dollars (cash) for services. Please share your opinion on Early Steps with the House Health Care Conferees.

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