Prepare Now Before a Disaster Strikes

When a disaster strikes, you need information fast.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a free email subscription service that delivers news updates and disaster-related information directly to your computer or wireless device, such as:
• When a major disaster is declared
• Where local recovery centers are located
• What kind of financial aid is available
• How to obtain disaster-related assistance
• What to do after a disaster has passed
• Much more!
To sign up simply click on the following link: No personal information is required. Just enter an e-mail address and your zip code and state to receive news that affects you in your area. It's that easy.
This news story and other Community Preparedness news, including Citizen Corps Bulletins, can be found on our website at:

To help Floridians with disabilities develop a disaster plan, Volunteer Florida and the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) created “Disaster Ready – Emergency Preparedness Guide for Floridians with Disabilities.” While this guide can help anyone prepare for a disaster, it includes specific information to assist individuals with developmental disabilities prepare for a disaster. This guide is intended for individuals with disabilities who live on their own or with family or friends, not those who live in other types of residential placements.
“Disaster Ready” has two parts. The Florida guide section provides information about emergency management, disaster supply kits, evacuation, communication, personal support networks and more. The second part of the guide is a blank “Personal Disaster Plan.” This plan leads the reader through the process of preparing for and responding to a disaster. Individuals can use the information provided in the Florida Guide section to create their own personal disaster plans.

Click Here for the Guide to Disaster Preparedness. 

For additional copies of the guide contact the FDDC at 1-800-580-7801, TDD Toll Free at 888-488-8633, or go to the FDDC website at and order copies on line.

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