Community Living Resources

Disaster Ready - This publication can help anyone prepare for a disaster, but includes specific information that is important for individuals with disabilities.

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Housing In Florida - A resource guide for individuals with developmental disabilities - Affordable housing and community-based services are the keys to independence for people with disabilities. The primary barrier to independent living for many people with disabilities is the ability to afford housing costs in the community. This Housing Resource Guide identifies and explains the housing resources available in each of Florida’s communities so that people with developmental disabilities will be better able to access the housing they desire.

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Inclusion Now! -  Information on including individuals with disabilities in education, business and the community.

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Innovative Approaches for Increasing Transportation Options for People with Disabilities in Florida: A Transportation Feasibility Study Report Produced by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council and the Able Trust, this publication explores innovative approaches for increasing transportation options for Floridians with disabilities. Unfortunately, there are no hard copies of the study report available.

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Let's Go - A Guide to Getting Around Your Community in Florida                                                                                                        

This publication provides county-by-county transportation information, including specific services available in each county, as well as contact information for the various transportation services in Florida.

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Making the Most of Your Florida Medicaid and iBudget Services - The FDDC has created a resource for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive services Florida Medicaid and the iBudget Wavier. Families, Providers, and Support Coordinators may also benefit from this information. The three areas addressed are:

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Planning Ahead - A handbook for parents, family members and guardians of adults with developmental disabilities. Provides information that will help identify and plan the direction and future regarding the quality of life family members' desire. Personal information summary included to ensure the safety and happiness of a surviving family member with a disability.

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Planning Ahead Information Form

Download writable PDF for editing without guiding questions, or select a link below to download individual fillable sections with guiding questions.

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Section B: Residential History Plans

Section C & F: Employment/Retirement, Financial Resources

Section D: General Health Information

Section E: Benefits and Services

Section G: Decision-Making Assistance

Section H: Final Arrangements

Section I: A Day In The Life Of. . .


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