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Easing Your Stress: Information for Caregivers of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities- is a publication about stress and stress management for caregivers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In its 24 pages, caregivers learn:

• How the mind-body connect affects their response to stress

• How stress affects children

• How other caregivers have learned to ease their stress

• What resources are available

• How to identify approaches that will work for them

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FloridaHATS - Florida Health and Transition Services (FloridaHATS) is a collaborative program of the Florida Department of Health, the Children’s Medical Services Network, the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, and other partners throughout the state. FloridaHATS’ mission is to ensure successful transition from pediatric to adult health care for all youth and young adults in Florida, including those with disabilities, chronic health conditions or other special health care needs.

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Goodwill Fit Club - In 2009, The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council sought to support programs that would promote good health and reduce secondary health conditions (like diabetes and heart disease) in individuals with developmental disabilities. One program, The Gulfstream Goodwill Fit Club, was created in 2009 by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries and continues to operate today.
Members of the Fit Club participate in activities like walking groups, workouts with a personal trainer, yoga classes. cooking classes, and nutritional education and counseling. In the last year of the program, over 65% of the participants showed improvement in at least one health indicator (like weight and blood pressure) and over 80% showed improvement in health awareness. The staff of Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, Inc. has created a replication guide for the Fit Club program. The replication guide is a "how to" manual that includes instructions on how to create a Fit Club in your organization that supports individuals with develop- mental disabilities.

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For more information, contact Holly Hohmeister at the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council at 800-580-7801 or


Health Insurance for Young Adults - Just The Facts: The 411 on Health Insurance for Young Adults Ages 18-30 in Florida is designed to help all young adults - including those with chronic health conditions or disabilities - identify, access, and maintain health insurance coverage that meets their needs.

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My Health Care - is a training program designed to educate individuals with developmental disabilities on how to communicate with health care professionals and to identify and advocate for their own health care needs. The goal of this program is to support, through skill building and the use of adaptive tools, individuals with developmental disabilities as primary participants in all matters related to their health care and healthy living. In this training program, adults with developmental disabilities have a role as prima-ry participants in learning and in mentoring peers about healthy living and managing acute or chronic illness. Using the GLADD model (Give Listen Ask Decide Do) developed at University of Florida’s Institute for Child Health Policy (UF/ICHP), the curriculum encompasses the following components in an interactive, multi-media format:                                                                                      

•  Being prepared with questions and issues to discuss at office visits
•  Providing a health summary to the physician
•  Being assertive when communicating
•  Paying attention to body language
•  Using rating scales and visual aids to communicate health issues
•  Learning negotiating skills; providing feedback to the physician
•  Utilizing • caregivers to assist with communication
•  Recording communication with physician to enhance information recall and comprehension
•  Utilizing technology to improve health care communication and self-management

The curriculum employs multiple teaching methods to accommodate diverse learner needs, incorporating modeling, games, and role play activities throughout the course. It includes PowerPoint slides, videos for learners, web-based resources and print materi-als. The Instructor’s Guide provides a detailed course outline and resources needed for implementation. Technology requirements include internet access and audio-video equipment for classroom presentations (i.e., computer. LCD projector, screen).
All program materials, including instructor training videos, can be viewed and downloaded by Clicking Here

A limited supply of printed instructor and learner materials are available to interested persons or organizations. To request print materials, please contact Holly Hohmeister at FDDC, (800) 580-7801 or email

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Stress and What You Can Do About It - is a full color book that takes individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through a colorful, graphically attractive and easy-to-read lesson in the basics of stress and stress management. Please note that some products have limited print availability.

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