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A Place Where I Belong - A curriculum for assisting people with disabilities who want a home of their own. Designed for use by those who provide services to people with disabilities, particularly in rural areas. A companion workbook for people with disabilities provides lessons and activities to assist in the process of home ownership is also available. (2001)
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Defendants with Intellectual Disabilities - This pamphlet explains how to diagnose individuals with intellectual disabilities and protect the statutory rights of defendants with developmental disabilities. (1997 [rev.])
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There's No Place Like Home - Pamphlet answers questions about obtaining safe, decent and affordable housing in a community setting. To download Click Here

Choosing and Planning Your Supports and Services - A resource guide for people who receive services through DCF/Developmental Disabilities Program. Large file 6MB. (1999)
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A Strategic Path Forward - The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, in collaboration with the Strategic Path Work Group, contracted with the Human Services Research Institute to develop A Strategic Path Forward , a plan for improving the state’s developmental disabilities service system.
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Working With Your Support Coordinator - This guide is designed for people who receive services through the DCF/ Developmental Disabilities Program, this workbook explains the support planning process, including how to select and work productively with a support coordinator. (1998)
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Florida Employment First Grassroots Group

A grassroots group is made of people at the local level who get together to identify, plan,and accomplish goals that help address community needs. The Employment First Florida Grassroots Group is made up of people with disabilities and people who support them to improve employment opportunities. The Employment First Grassroots Group is a way for people to share their ideas and experiences about employment. Anyone who wants to share their experiences, make recommendations about how to improve employment, and learn new ideas about employment can join. All meetings are held online and by phone. If you would liketo participate, call Sheila Johnson at 617-287-4367, or email her at:



The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act

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Community Coalition Up-Dates

The Council has developed a partnership with the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to develop four (4) sustainable coalitions in Florida that eventually can support the development of informal and volunteer services available in their area to help meet identified unmet needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are currently on Florida’s Medicaid Waiver waitlist. A long term goal of this project is to form grassroots coalitions throughout the state that are capable of identifying and increasing access to generic or shared services that can be utilized by the larger community. During the first year of this project, coalition building began in Escambia, Santa Rosa, & Okaloosa counties (Area 1), Jefferson, Madison & Taylor counties (Area 2) and Alachua, Bradford and Levy counties (Area 3).

Project Enable's First Respite Day (story).


Florida Unique Abilities

The FDDC is a proud partner of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunities Florida Unique Abilities Program.

This program recognizes businesses in our state that are committed to providing career and financial opportunities to individuals with unique abilities and to the organizations that support them.

Thanks to dedicated business partners and advocacy organizations, the Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program will strengthen our state’s economy and workforce by giving a talented but untapped group of Floridians who want to work more opportunities to do so.

The program is designed to raise awareness about the economic and social benefits of employing individuals with unique abilities. Participating businesses demonstrate their dedication to strengthening communities and the economy by helping these Floridians with untapped talents to become more independent. The program also provides opportunities to partner with other businesses, organizations and state resources in this endeavor.

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Florida Postsecondary Education Guide

This guide provides in-depth descriptions of postsecondary programs in Florida that serve students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is a resource for students and their families, educators and other stakeholders, and others.

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