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A Place Where I Belong - A curriculum for assisting people with disabilities who want a home of their own. Designed for use by those who provide services to people with disabilities, particularly in rural areas. A companion workbook for people with disabilities provides lessons and activities to assist in the process of home ownership is also available. (2001)
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Defendants with Intellectual Disabilities - This pamphlet explains how to diagnose individuals with intellectual disabilities and protect the statutory rights of defendants with developmental disabilities. (1997 [rev.])
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There's No Place Like Home - Pamphlet answers questions about obtaining safe, decent and affordable housing in a community setting. To download Click Here


Choosing and Planning Your Supports and Services - A resource guide for people who receive services through DCF/Developmental Disabilities Program. Large file 6MB. (1999)
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A Strategic Path Forward - The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, in collaboration with the Strategic Path Work Group, contracted with the Human Services Research Institute to develop A Strategic Path Forward , a plan for improving the state’s developmental disabilities service system.
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Working With Your Support Coordinator - This guide is designed for people who receive services through the DCF/ Developmental Disabilities Program, this workbook explains the support planning process, including how to select and work productively with a support coordinator. (1998)
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