About FDDC

Our Mission:

"To advocate and promote meaningful participation in all aspects of life for Floridians with developmental disabilities"

Our Purpose:

We are committed to advocating and promoting programs, practices and innovative initiatives that enhance the independence, productivity, inclusion and self-determination of individuals with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life.

Important Facts About Our Council

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) has a 46 year history of leveraging up to $3.6 million federally appropriated dollars annually through the Developmental Disabilities Act to influence policy and create sustainable services and solutions for childrYoung Girlen and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

We are the granting agent for research-based, innovative, sustainable solutions that address the critical needs and priorities of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  The FDDC continues to impact the delivery of services in areas such as education, employment, transportation, and long term supports.

We are the only funded independent entity in Florida with the authority to facilitate collaborative partnerships among all state agencies, universities and disability organizations.  Our purpose is to change policy and create sustainable services that positively impact the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Impact of FDDC Dollars

Project SEARCH, is a national high school transition model that requires collaboration among businesses, schools, state agencies and provider organizations and is based on a seamless combination of classroom instruction, career exploration, and hands-on training through work-site rotation internships.  Since 2007, FDDC's dollars have facilitated Florida's ability to grow from five to 26 active projects, with 15 new projects in 20 additional coState of Florida Projectsunties currently under development.  Approximately 80% of all participants complete the program, with an average of 60% of program graduates becoming successfully employed.

Help Me Grow Florida, was entrusted to the FDDC by Governor Rick Scott to fund and expand the national model to Florida.  The 2 year initiative identified and served 2,500 children at risk for developmental, behavioral, and/or learning challenges.  The initiative grew from two to 11 established screening sites within 2-1-1 call centers serving 27 counties.  The FDDC facilitated long-term funding and sustainability through a Florida-based state-wide service organization, the Children's Forum. 

Employment First Florida, is the FDDC's sustainable systems change approach to employing persons with disabilities.  Since 2011 our initiative has served as the catalyst to lead and engage nine key Florida agencies and organizations to prioritize employment for persons with disabilities.  To date, data reflects an 18% increase in employment outcomes and 27,036 persons with developmental disabilities in supported or competitive employment.

Urban Transportation Voucher Project, is co-funded through the FDDC and Department of Transportation and was developed to streamline access to and cut costs for transportation for persons with disabilities.  In just 1 year the urban pilot project improved on-time performance, provided 24-hour service with greater access to wheelchair users and resulted in cost savings for Florida's Hillsborough county community of over $550,000 or 56% of original costs.


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