September 2020 Committee Reports

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Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc.
Executive Committee Meeting Report
Thursday, September 24, 2020

The meeting was convened by Chair Kabot at 2:02 p.m. and quorum was established.

I. Approval of full Council 2020-2021 Budget
The Executive Committee and Finance Committee members had a joint meeting and unanimously approved the Council’s operating budget for FY 2021.

II. Approval of Minutes
The Executive Committee members unanimously approved the Executive Committee minutes for July 9, 2020.

III. Executive Director Compensation
A new three-year employment agreement with Valerie Breen, Executive Director was unanimously approved by the Executive Committee members to commence September 30, 2020.

Chair Kabot reported that the Council must complete an annual assessment of the Executive Director’s performance, which is due September 1st of every year. Breen completed her annual self-assessment of her performance and provided it to the Executive committee members for review. Kabot collected input from staff and Council members and consolidated their input into the performance assessment from the Council, which will be included in Breen’s personnel file along with Breen’s self-assessment. Kabot highlighted the positive feedback received from both Council members and staff regarding Breen’s performance, especially this past year, and thanked Breen for her past three years as Executive Director for the Council.

IV. Conflict of Interest
Chair Kabot summarized the recent analysis conducted by both the Council’s attorney and the Director of the national Information and Technical Assistance Center for all Developmental Disability Councils and highlighted the importance of the conflict of interest issues for the Florida DD Council specifically.

The Executive Committee unanimously voted to direct the full amount of the 2021 Operating budget’s board development line item in combination with a portion of the operating budget’s consultant line item to bring back to the Council the expertise of Margaret Lynn Duggar and Associates, who had worked with the Council and staff in 2018 to develop and revise all of the Council’s governing policies and practices.

The purpose the new eight-month consulting agreement is to utilize Margaret Lynn Duggar and Associates expertise to thoroughly analyze all of the federal, state, legal and fiduciary requirements that could potentially impact the Council, develop and/or revise processes and documents the Council must use as its best practice model for conflict of interest and help facilitate with Breen, myself and our Vice Chair, Baker to address any necessary changes that must be made with the Executive Office of the Governor appointments, recruitment, nominating and elections to ensure that all practices are in place to keep the Council in good stead. All of this will need to be in place and presented to the Council no later than May 2021 in preparation for Council elections and is not to exceed a total of $31,000.

V. FDDC Retirement Update
Kabot updated the Executive Committee members on her work with Breen to have the Council’s current retirement plan documents evaluated and obtain recommendations for the Executive Committee’s consideration. The committee agreed to bring another retirement investment firm, with whom Breen and Kabot met with, to present to the Executive Committee this next quarter.

There was no comment from the public.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc.
Finance Committee Meeting Report
September 24, 2020

Action Items:

1. Approved minutes from the 5/04/2020 Finance Committee meeting.
2. Approved the State Plan Budget with modifications. This includes total net increases to the following goals:

  • Transportation - $570,000

  • Employment - $520,000

  • Elementary through Postsecondary Transition - $125,000

  • Self-Advocacy Leadership - $121,193

  • Broad Systems Change/Emerging Needs - $40,000

  • Other - $12,000

Total net decreases in the following goals:

  • Workforce/Direct Support Professionals - $80,000

  • Advocacy/Communications - $42,500

3. Approved the 2021 Administration budget, as modified, in the amount of $1,631,958. This represents an increase from 2020 in the amount of $129,688.


1. Reviewed the Administrative Expenditures Budget to Actual Report for 10/01/19 through 8/31/2020. Line items were highlighted with details and the overall administrative spending in line with the budget.


Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc.
Public Policy Committee Report
September 24, 2020

The Public Policy Committee met Thursday morning and approved two items as Legislative Priorities.

1) The first item was Preservation of the iBudget Waiver
This year the Public Policy Committee recommends at a minimum that the iBudget be maintained with the same funding as last year. The following are recommendations of what is needed to keep the iBudget functioning properly:

  • The Council supports yearly increases in utilization that accurately reflect the additional needs of individuals on the iBudget waiver.
  • The yearly budget for the waiver should include a regular reduction of the iBudget Waitlist. The Council recommends that 10% of the number of individuals on the waitlist be transitioned off the list each year.
  • The Council supports increasing provider rates for all Agency for Persons with Disabilities services included under Personal Supports.
  • The Council recommends steering clear of for-profit managed care. This population has unique long-term care needs that are not compatible with managed care companies that work with acute health care needs. Not enough states have used managed care for this population so there is little data from which to assess outcomes and determine quality.

2) The second item is continuing the Council’s support of the work of the I decide campaign which promotes Supported Decision Making (SDM) as one of the alternatives to full guardianship when appropriate.

Viviana Bonilla Lopez who leads this effort spoke to the committee and shared the proposed bill and other materials.

The Committee approved continued work on the effort including the bill but wanted a more comprehensive written Council position on Supported Decision Making.


Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc.
State Plan Committee Meeting Report
September 24, 2020
11:15 p.m. - 12:15 p.m.

I. Approval of minutes from May 7, 2020 Meeting
The minutes from the May 7, 2020 meeting were approved as presented.

II. Approval of minutes from June 30, 2020 Meeting
The minutes from the June 30, 2020 meeting were approved as presented.

III. State Plan Budget/Approval with Modifications
The State Plan Committee approved the State Plan Budget with Modifications as presented.
Details are provided in the State Plan 2019-2021 Budget Narrative found behind Tab 3, page 46 in your binder.

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