Opportunities for Public Access to Council Business


The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council is committed to
providing multiple opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and other advocates to easily understand, follow and provide input on the work of the Council. Currently, the Council:

A. Posts notices of all meetings of the full Council, committees and task forces, including face-to-face meetings and conference calls, on the Council's website under “Event Calendar”.
B. Posts all Council agendas and meeting materials on the Council website one week prior to the Council meeting. This includes all the items in the meeting packet sent to Council members. To review these documents, go to the Council’s home page, click on “What We Do”, then on “Council Documents”. The next page has two listings, one for “Meeting Materials”, and another for “Minutes”.
C. Posts the minutes for each full Council, task force and committee meeting as soon as they are approved at the next meeting of the Council, appropriate committee or task force.
D. Provides a public comment period to all task force, committee and Council meetings for the public to bring up questions or concerns.


To further enhance the Council’s openness and accessibility, the Council is initiating the following:

A. A telephone listening service so that the public can call in to all task force, committee and full Council meetings. The telephone number can be found in the meeting notice on the Council’s website under the “Event Calendar”
B. Posting a 1 to 2 page executive summary of the key action item, presentations, and emerging issues. These summaries will be posted on the Council’s website, on the “Council Documents” page, within two weeks following the meeting, effective with the March 2011 task force, committee and full Council meetings.
C. A process to discuss questions or concerns. Questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the Executive Director. If additional dialogue is needed, the Executive Director will convene a conference call or a face-to-face meeting with Council members and/or staff with expertise in the areas of concern. Concerns that require further attention will be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and/or the full Council.

The Council welcomes and encourages dialogue between the pubic and the Council on all issues affecting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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