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"Accommodations' for the disabled should become norms"


Picture of Sarah Goldman

In a recent article published in the Orlando Sentinel, Council member Sarah Goldman provides an eye-opening perspective on accessibility and how society should consider accommodating needs for all abilities.


As we reflect on the last 30 years of the ADA and move forward during unprecedented times, we hope you will read, be encouraged by and share this inspiring message.

Read Sarah's article on our website by clicking here.

Read Sarah's article on the Orlando Sentinel website by clicking here.





Congratulations to the 2020 Idelio Valdes Award Winner 
Danielle McGill
Idelio Award Winner 2020 Danielle McGill


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Save the iBudget Waiver




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"To advocate and promote meaningful participation in all aspects of life for Floridians with developmental disabilities"

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We are committed to advocating and promoting programs, practices and innovative initiatives that enhance the independence, productivity, inclusion and self-determination of individuals with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life.

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