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Council Research Reports

The Council funds, conducts and/or participates in research studies where information and data collected can be used to impact systems change and best practices.

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The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council is the granting agent for research-based, innovative, sustainable solutions that address the critical needs and priorities of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. For nearly 50 years, the Council has leveraged nearly 4 million federally appropriated dollars annually through the Developmental Disabilities Act.

Aging Generations' Expectations in Developmental Disabilities

The purpose of the aging caregivers’ initiative, Aging Generations’ Expectations in Developmental Disability (AGEDD), is to address the lack of appropriate supports and services for older family caregivers and their aging adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD).  This report will provide a background of the aging and developmental disabilities systems in Florida.  Since both systems have different funding streams and infrastructures, the task will be to find components that intersect in a positive way to support a new generation of older persons with I/DD and their aging caregivers.  These Florida residents require the same sorts of home-and community-based, long-term supports and services that have been the hallmark of the aging network for several years.

View the Aging Generations’ Expectations in Developmental Disabilities

Dually Diagnosed Research Study

The National Association for the Dually Diagnosed conducted a research study to identify the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with co-occurring mental health conditions (i.e., dual diagnosis). The research study included an environmental scan, a literature review of research on mental illness in persons with I/DD, and mixed-methods procedures to gather information about people with I/DD, their families, and service systems that interact with them. The research study resulted in a state strategic plan to provide direction for services and supports to meet the needs of this complex population.

View the Dual Diagnosis Research Study
View the Dual Diagnosis Strategic Plan

State of the State

The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Project is a national longitudinal comparative study of financial and programmatic trends in spending on supports and services for people with IDD in the United States. It is a Longitudinal Data Project of National Significance and receives funding from the Administration on Community Living.

View the State of the State Report

State of Florida Comprehensive Review and Analysis 2021

WellFlorida Council, Inc. was engaged in an 18-month study on behalf of the Council to conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of funding, services and resources for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  The purpose was to assist the Council in building its 5-year state plan (2022-2026) required under the Developmental and Disabilities Bill of Rights Act of 2000 through the Administration for Community Living.  The full analysis of primary and secondary data can be reviewed here.

View the State of Florida Comprehensive Review and Analysis 2021 Report

State of Florida Technical Appendix Data 2021

Secondary data collected in the development of the 2021 Comprehensive Review and Analysis is reflected in this report.

View the Technical Appendix Data Report

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