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The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) is established under the federal Developmental Disabilities and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 (DD Act). FDDC, Inc. is both a 501 c 3 and designated in Florida statute as the designated state agency to receive appropriated federal dollars through the DD Act. As a public entity we post positions, as they become available, and can be viewed below. If you believe you are qualified for a position and wish to apply, complete the application with your resume. Your information will be sent and reviewed by human resources. Thank you for your interest.

Current Openings

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This position works onsite in Tallahassee.

This is a new full-time opening for a well-established and highly respected Organization based in Tallahassee which positively impacts services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and their supporters through education, advocacy, and partnerships. 

Reporting to the CFO, the Contracts Coordinator will administer the Invitation for Proposal (IFP) process within strict guidelines.  In addition, he/she will coordinate and provide direct support to the Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Director and Directors in the implementation and monitoring of the processing of all contracts, amendments, deliverables, timelines, and content, if needed.  This individual tracks the progress of contracts, ensuring accurate record keeping and accountability consistent with Council policies and procedures, and state and federal rules, and regulations.  In addition, this person will work with the staff in moving to an electronic processing system and assist in the development of training programs and updates for providers engaged in Council initiatives.


  • Releases IFPs and manages the entire IFP process, working in conjunction with the Manager of Human Resources and Information Systems, CFO, and Deputy Director.
  • Ensures all contracts, deliverables, and amendments are received, properly logged, and completed within Council process requirements before distribution
  • Tracks contracts for assigned elements of compliance and notifies providers as needed to ensure compliance, (e.g., certificate of insurance, SAM.gov.)
  • Ensures appropriate contract-related documents are uploaded and maintained regularly, (e.g., deliverables, amendments).
  • Creates and posts meeting notices in compliance with Council public notice requirements.
  • Records and posts minutes for all IFP meetings and other meetings as assigned and distributes in a timely manner.
  • Populates the Administration on Community Living’s online system with the annual program performance report, annual state plan updates, and amendments, if applicable.
  • Develops IFPs, contracts or amendments based on need.
  • Reviews, edits, and proofs contracts, amendments or products based on need.
  • Builds DocuSign templates for contracts, amendments, etc. and coordinates distribution and receipt of executed documents.
  • Develops and updates master contract calendar that includes contract beginning and ending dates, deliverable due dates, and any other necessary information for monitoring purposes.
  • Works with staff to write, develop and maintain contracts manual and training for providers (contractors).
  • Schedules, plans and trains IFP scoring committee members individually on the process.
  • Schedules, plans, and holds effective meetings in implementation of FDDC’s Invitation for Proposal process, ensuring that all components are adhered to and effectively executed.
  • Schedules, plans, and assists in the execution of effective meetings on behalf of the CFO, Deputy Director and Directors as requested, ensuring all postings, documentation and outcomes are properly recorded and distributed.


  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and 7 years of pertinent experience in administration, contract management/coordination.
  • Proficient in use of the internet, databases, and Microsoft Suite–Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint).
  • Highly organized with the ability to plan, coordinate and manage multiple priorities.
  • Attention to detail with proven track record in proof editing.
  • Proven track record of dependability—including excellent attendance record.
  • Consistent professional appearance, deportment, and demeanor.
  • Congenial, emotionally mature, with excellent interpersonal relations skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proactive and team oriented. Able to work independently on assigned tasks as well as to accept direction on given assignments.
  • Excellent communication skills-verbal, written-as well as written.

COMPENSATION & BENEFITS:  This Organization offers a highly competitive salary as well as a robust benefits package (medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, 401(k) retirement plan with generous matching, and allowance for voluntary/supplemental insurance programs, as well.

TO APPLY:  Send your resume through the website on which you are viewing this job posting.  It will be reviewed promptly by Jane Levine, Sr. Project Manager, RemarkAbleHR, Inc.  If you are deemed well qualified, you will be contacted within two weeks.  We regret that we cannot respond to everyone who applies.

Hoping to find a remote/virtual work opportunity offering excellent compensation?

If you have expertise in developing Invitations and Proposals (IFPs), program development, and effectively managing resulting contracts consistent with State of Florida and federal requirements, this is an outstanding opportunity for you. 

Individuals in these roles may operate remotely and are normally not required to work more than 30 hours each week.  Due to the Organization’s realignment, five openings for a new Director of Programs and Contracts exists at this time.

JOB FOCUS:  Reporting to the Deputy Director of Programs and Compliance, each Director of Programs and Contracts is responsible to ensure that specifically assigned Invitations for Proposals (IFPs), contracts, and initiatives resulting from the Council’s five-year State plan are developed/ planned/implemented and effectively managed within budget, timeframes and in compliance with all contractual elements and pertinent policies under the Council.   In addition, they are responsible to establish and facilitate Council Task Force(s). 


  • Develop and write Invitations for Proposals (IFPs) for the Council’s five-year state plan initiatives. Research and develop project ideas/proposals consistent with the state plan.
  • Develop, write, and negotiate contract(s) with selected provider(s).
  • Serve as the Contract Manager between the Council and providers and provide technical assistance to facilitate and ensure the desired contract outcomes are being met.
  • Collect all pertinent data and performance outcomes; assess and process deliverables and maintain up to date files on each contract to meet compliance requirements.
  • Send deliverables and appropriate paperwork to Council staff for payment.
  • Develop and staff designated Council Task Force(s).
  • Maintain quarterly program performance outcomes for each assigned contract and prepare all designated programmatic components of the federally required Program Performance Reports (PPRs).
  • Manage and provide technical assistance to other Council initiatives and special projects as assigned.
  • Attend scheduled program/operations meetings and other meetings as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned. 


  • Seasoned experts are sought – a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required. An advanced degree is preferred.
  • Ten years of programmatic development, implementation and/or oversite of large federal, state and/or private grants and/or contracts.
  • Experience in the sector of disabilities (preferably developmental disabilities), including issues and systems.
  • Knowledge of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act).
  • Strong organizational abilities, including planning, delegating, program development, and task facilitation.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, coordinate, and complete numerous work assignments in a timely manner.
  • Transparent with a track record of high integrity leadership.
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills to review and analyze plans, programs, data, outcomes and make clear and accurate recommendations based on analysis clearly and accurately.
  • Reputation of building strong collaborative partnerships with agencies and organizations, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with individuals with disabilities and their family members.
  • Excellent communications skills – verbal, written—as well as the ability to develop and effectively deliver presentations containing complex information. 
  • Ability to plan and hold effective meetings at every level.
  • Proven ability to maintain the highest level of confidentiality both internally (e.g., need to know basis) and externally to unfailingly protect the best interests of the Organization.
  • Knowledge of program evaluation practices and methodologies.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Work independently, with limited supervision, as well as being a great team member in a remote working situation and/or in person.


  • Successful remote worker, highly competent in use of computer software (WINDOWS 10) and Office 365, with full access to computer, internet, and phone.
  • Able to travel as needed, with most activities conducted via Zoom.
  • Willingness to be flexible in work hours at times based on the Organization’s critical operational needs.

TO APPLY:       Send your resume through the website on which you are viewing this job posting.  It will be reviewed promptly by Jane Levine, Sr. Project Manager, RemarkAbleHR, Inc.  If you are deemed well qualified, you will be contacted within two weeks.  We regret that we cannot respond to everyone who applies.

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