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Employment First Florida Introduction and Overview

While there is no formal definition for Employment First, the intent is to raise expectations that employment should be prioritized for individuals with disabilities. Over forty states currently have Employment First initiatives. Florida also has an Employment First initiative that is being implemented as a collaborative between the Governor's Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities, an Employment Partnership Coalition, an Employment First Collaborative Team, and an Employment First Florida Grassroots group, with all stakeholders working together to improve employment outcomes in Florida. Efforts are being supported by the Council funded Employ ME 1st project.

Governor's Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities

The Governor's Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities was created by Executive Order 11-161 to advance job and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in order to help those individuals achieve greater independence. The mission of the Commission is to provide public policy solutions and strategies to the Governor and state policymakers to fulfill this vision. For more information visit the Governor's Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities website at: http://www.flgov.com/gcjfd/

For the purposes of Employment First, the Governor's Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities is being provided updates on progress at their quarterly meetings.

Employment Partnership Coalition

The Employment Partnership Coalition, with a membership of greater than 60 individuals representing major agencies and organizations that provide services to individuals with disabilities, is working to coordinate and implement Florida's Employment First activities.

Employment First Collaborative Team

The Employment First Collaborative Team is a smaller working group of the Employment Partnership Coalition that developed the Interagency Cooperative Agreement and is currently developing a Strategic Action Implementation Plan to help partnering agencies and organizations identify priorities for improving employment and measure improvements.

Employment First Florida Grassroots Group

The Employment First Florida Grassroots Group meets monthly via webinar. This group includes representation of teachers, family members, people with disabilities, self-advocates, transition specialists, community rehabilitation providers and others who are interested in keeping their communities informed, identifying barriers and facilitators, and suggesting activities to improve competitive employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.



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