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2024 Council Members

Message from Executive Director Valerie Breen: Our Care Matters

In the quiet corridors of everyday life, there exists a profound tapestry of stories waiting to be heard – stories that demand our attention. I am honored to present the stories of “Our Care Matters,” our initiative that shares the experiences of Floridians living with developmental disabilities and those who care for them. Through this powerful video series, we aim to engage decision-makers, weaving together real stories that underscore the significance of understanding, empathy, and meaningful change.

This campaign is more than a collection of narratives; it’s a call to action. We have the opportunity to inspire, change and foster an environment where policies align with the realities faced by those living with developmental disabilities. 

Watch, listen, and learn. Our care matters because every voice and every story contributes to a more meaningful and compassionate future for all. 

I invite each one of you to be an active part of this campaign. “Our Care Matters” is not and will not be just a slogan. It will be a collective commitment to build a society that supports and values the experiences of every individual.

Thank you for joining us in this mission at the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council. Together, as we listen and learn, we can work toward shaping a future that embraces the individual and collective strengths within our community.

Warm regards,

Valerie Breen
Executive Director
Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Inc.


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