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External Scoring Committee Review Panel Member

FDDC continually seeks qualified individuals to join our list of reviewers to be members of our scoring committee panels. Approved applicants remain on a list of qualified reviewers that FDDC may contact from time to time to review funding proposals issued through FDDC's Invitation for Proposals.

Job Description

Learn about the qualifications for and compensation to members who are accepted as reviewers for FDDC funding proposals.

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) maintains a list of individuals who are interested in reviewing and evaluating proposals received in response to its Invitations for Proposals (IFP). Being placed on our list of reviewers does not ensure that you will be asked to serve on a Scoring Committee review panel.  However, Scoring Committee review panel members are typically selected from those in the database. 

To be considered for inclusion in our list of reviewers,  you must complete the Review Panel Member Application below.

Members of the Scoring Committee review panel independently evaluate the responsiveness of proposals and score proposals according to the criteria set forth in the IFP.  The Scoring Committee review panel may be asked to participate in a group meeting via Zoom after submitting their scores and recommendations. Based on their scores and comments, funding recommendations will be developed for the Council to consider.

Scoring Committee review panels consist of three to five individuals and may include:

  • Individuals  with a disability (self-advocate),
  • Family members of people with disabilities,
  • Professionals in the disability field, and
  • Others who have expertise around a certain topic.

FDDC strives to assemble review panels that are as diverse as possible so that multiple points of view are considered.  Experience reviewing funding proposals or other types of applications is a plus.

The member will:

  • Independently review and make notes about the responsiveness of the proposals to provided criteria.
  • Score the proposals according to the criteria and points set forth in the IFP.
  • Electronically complete a scoring criteria form.
  • Meet with other review panel members to discuss proposals and develop recommendations, if required.
  • Abide by FDDC’s non-disclosure and conflict of interest regulations.

Contractor, on an as-needed basis

  • $100 for each proposal reviewed independently.
  • $100 for a half-day meeting or $200 for a full-day meeting.
  • Meetings will primarily be conducted via FDDC’s Zoom platform.
  • Reimbursement for in-person travel, if necessary.

Scoring Committee external review panel members will receive compensation for reviewing proposals, participating in meetings, and travel, if necessary.  IRS Form W9 must be completed by the reviewer and a 1099 will be issued for compensation received. 

Each Scoring Committee review panel consists of three to five individuals who, as a group, have the skills and experience needed to evaluate proposals received in response to a specific IFP. This may include individuals who have disabilities or have family members with disabilities; professionals in the disability field; and others who have expertise around a certain topic but may not have as much familiarity with disability issues. FDDC strives to assemble review panels that are as diverse as possible so that multiple points of view are considered.  FDDC requires that all review panel members must be their own legal representatives and, with reasonable accommodations, be able to:

  • understand and accept FDDC’s mission to advocate and promote meaningful participation in all aspects of life for Floridians with developmental disabilities;
  • independently review and understand the proposals and the IFPs;
  • identify and communicate the responsiveness of reviewed proposals;
  • score the proposals according to the criteria set forth in the IFP;
  • work cooperatively in a group to reach a consensus, if needed;
  • must complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement; and
  • must complete a Conflict of Interest form for each proposal that is presented for review, and excuse oneself if ANY conflict is noted.

Florida residency preferred.  Individuals who are affiliated with a Florida organization, agency, business, institution, or university located in Florida may be considered for review panels if they possess subject matter expertise relevant to the IFP.  

Scoring Committee external review panels must not include:

  • Current FDDC Council members;
  • Individuals who are affiliated with currently funded FDDC projects; or
  • Individuals who are affiliated with organizations who are submitting an Invitation for Proposal.
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