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Projects of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council have produced an array of materials on topics ranging from inclusive early education to supported living and employment programs. To meet the needs of diverse audiences, these resources are available in a variety of formats and media, including pamphlets, newsletters, resource guides, handbooks, training manuals, research reports, public education materials, audiotapes, and videotapes. Many are available in Spanish and alternate formats.

A videotape presentation about the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council is also available to anyone interested in learning more about the Council's work.

The following list includes the Council's newest or most requested products. Resources may be downloaded, if available, or ordered on-line.


Publications ordered by phone or on-line are mailed out once a month. There may be a week or more delay between when you place your order and when your materials arrive.

Publicaciones, Videos y Otros Recursos

Los proyectos del Concilio de Invalideces de Desarrollo han producido una serie de materiales de temas como la Educación Temprana Inclusiva, Programas de Apoyo para Vivir Independientemente y los Programas de Empleo. Estos recursos están disponibles en una variedad de formatos y medios de comunicación que incluyen folletos, boletines informativos, guías de recursos, panfletos, manuales de capacitación, materiales educativos, casetes y videos. Muchos de estos materiales están disponibles en español y en varios formatos alternos.

También tenemos a la disposición una presentación de video sobre el Concilio de Invalideces de Desarrollo para aquellos que estén interesados en el trabajo que el Concilio realiza.

La siguiente lista incluye los productos más recientes y más demandados por el público. Algunos de estos productos pueden ser transferidos electrónicamente desde la Internet o pueden ser pedidos directamente a nuestras oficinas.

Requests for Resources

To request a copy, free of charge, of any of these resources, click "Order


Child Development

Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Specialized Instructional Services 

Educational Program

Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Specialized Instructional Services (VPK SIS) educational program is a new option for parents of four-year-old children with disabilities that is available outside the traditional VPK classroom setting. If your child has a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) from your local school district that calls for specialized instructional services, you can choose VPK SIS instead of traditional VPK school-year or summer programs. For more information click here

A Family Guide to Children's Mental Health Services and Supports.

This guide, published by the  Mental Health Program Office in the Department of Children and Families, was designed to provide families with information they may find helpful in working with health care providers and others to find appropriate, evidence-based mental health services and supports for their family members. 

A Viable Plan for the Sustainability of the Early Steps Program

Early Steps, the system in place to help children with developmental issues and the families that love and provide for them, specifically the Early Steps program, is facing funding shortfalls due, in part, to the economic downturn coupled with identification of a larger number of children in need of services. To proactively address the eminent threat to Early Steps, the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council contracted with the Ounce of Prevention Fund to facilitate a strategic planning process and develop a viable plan for the sustainability of the Early Steps program.

Autism 4 Parents, Inc.

Autism 4 Parents is an organization working to help families living with Autism. Autism 4 Parents has programs to educate and inform parents and the community, including sensory integration directed by an occupational therapist, an Asperger's group directed by a psychiatrist, and Bruster's Buddies 4 Autism. For more information click here.

Count Me In: Resources for Early Childhood Inclusion

The Florida Expanding Opportunities for Early Childhood Inclusion Professional Development Workgroup has released “Count Me In: Resources for Early Childhood Inclusion”. The purpose of this compilation is to answer questions and provide general information to families and early learning providers on how to successfully include young children with disabilities in early childhood programs. Click here to view the compilation online. For additional information contact Katy McCullough at katy.mccullough@unc.edu or Lou Ann Long at lalong@centraldirectory.org.

Disability Awareness Through Language Arts and Literacy
Resources for Prekindergarten and Elementary School

This guide was created for educators and families to promote positive attitudes toward, and facilitate successful inclusion of, students with disabilities; increase respect and acceptance of individual differences; increase understanding of disabilities and related social issues; and facilitate the development of literacy and language arts skills through activities about disability awareness. To download a copy of the English version of the Guide click here. To download a copy of the Spanish version of the Guide, click here.

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First Steps: A Guide for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities

One of the Developmental Disabilities Council's most popular publications, the revised edition of this guide for parents of children with developmental disabilities covers such topics as acceptance, services, and the rights of people with disabilities.

The publication is available both in Spanish and English, as well as in color and black and white (for ease of printing). Both versions of the publication are broken into chapters and the publications are only available in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. Click here to download your copies.

We encourage you to view or download the First Steps publication in English or Spanish on our website. If you do not have computer access, please contact FDDC atwww.fddc.org, to request a hard copy.

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The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) serves as a central source of information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth. Resources include easy-to-read information on IDEA, the law authorizing early intervention services and special education, and State Resource Sheets, which connect families with the disability agencies and organizations in each state. For more information click here.

The Children's Trust

This website contains information on children with special needs and medical conditions, including a list of disabilities and medical conditions.

Community Living

A Place Where I Belong

A curriculum for assisting people with disabilities who want a home of their own. Designed for use by those who provide services to people with disabilities, particularly in rural areas. A companion workbook for people with disabilities provides lessons and activities to assist in the process of home ownership is also available. (2001)

Download Curriculum [PDF]

Download Workbook [PDF]

Disaster Ready

This publication can help anyone prepare for a disaster, but includes specific information that is important for individuals with disabilities. 

Download [PDF]

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Finding a Home

This informational guide is useful to anyone with a limited income. It provides practical information on buying or renting a home.(1995)

Download [PDF]

Inclusion Now!

Information on including individuals with disabilities in education, business and the community.

Download Video

Let's Go - A Guide to Getting Around Your Community in Florida

This publication provides county-by-county transportation information, including specific services available in each county, as well as contact information for the various agencies that manage transportation services in Florida. Click here to download a copy.

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People First Language

People with disabilities are people first.  When speaking or writing about individuals with disabilities, it's important to accurately portray them as active, valued members of their communities.  We can do this by using People First Language.

There's No Place Like Home

Pamphlet answers questions about obtaining safe, decent and affordable housing in a community setting. (2000)

Download [PDF]

Innovative Approaches for Increasing Transportation Options for People with Disabilities in Florida: A Transportation Feasibility Study Report

Produced by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council and the Able Trust, this publication explores innovative approaches for increasing transportation options for Floridians with disabilities. Unfortunately, there are no hard copies of the study report available.

Download [PDF]


Expanding Career and Technical Education Opportunites for Students with


This webinar describes how equal access to Career and Technical programs can be provided for all students. Jane Sylveria (Division of Career and Adult Education), Lynda Earls (Division of Florida Colleges) and Tury Lewis (Project 10) share their experience regarding entry requirements, exit requirements, available accommodations, duel enrollment, Federal laws, Florida State Statutes, support services, and more. The content of this webinar is relevant for staff of Florida Colleges, staff of Career and Technical Centers, and students with disabilities and their parents.  Click Here to download the webinar    

A Teacher's Guide to Universal/Inclusive Education

This Guide provides additional context and specific assistance to teachers as they strive to increase universal education/inclusion for all students. Click here to download a copy.

An Administrator's Guide to Universal/Inclusive Education

This Guide provides additional context and specific assistance to administrators as they strive to increase universal education/inclusion for all students. Click here to download a copy.

Parents With Disabilities and Their Children

This booklet takes a look at how schools and teachers can accommodate parents who have a disability. So often the focus is only on children who have the disability. Click here to download  a copy.

Special Education Law and Advocacy Workshops

In August of 2010 The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council and Disability Rights Florida hosted a series of Special Education Law and Advocacy Workshops throughout the state. The DVDs of the workshops are available to you now at no charge. The three DVDs include Evaluation & IEP; Inclusion & Discipline; and Transition & Problem Solving. To order, click “Order Online”. 

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We no longer have any copies of the DVDs. You can download them off the website by clicking on "View Video" below.

Inclusion View Video
Discipline & IDEA View Video
Evaluations View Video
The IEP View Video
Transition View Video
Problem Solving View Video

State Board of Education Rules

The State Board of Education Rules are now on the Department of State’s newly created web site. Interested persons may search by rule, title, subject, statute number, and agency, and sign up for e-mail notification when a rule is proposed for amendment. The Web site is: https://www.flrules.org/default.asp.

The Department of Education has developed a new website to ensure that all stakeholders can request a rule development workshop and express their concerns relating to specific rules of the State Board of Education. Rules with final action can also be viewed. For more information go to https://app1.fldoe.org/rules/default.aspx.

Sexuality Across the Lifespan for Children and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities

An instructional guide for Parents/Caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. Click here to download the Parents/Caregivers Guide in English.  Click here to download the Parents/Caregivers Guide in Spanish.

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An instructional guide for Educators of individuals with developmental disabilities. Click here to download the Educators Guide in English.

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Accommodations and Modifications

Booklet helps parents of students with disabilities understand two important features of special education: accommodations and modifications. (2000)

Download [PDF]

Project Achieve/VERTICAL Training Program

The Project Achieve/Vertical Training Program is a comprehensive, inclusive transition and post-secondary career program model designed to provide innovative, supportive strategies to students with intellectual and other developmental disabilities as they complete a Career and Technical Education program of their choice. This program creates an intensive support system for students and addresses interrelated needs of students with intellectual or other developmental disabilities. With approximately 11 workforce options, students are able to select career options that match their interests and aptitudes.

Domains for Career Workforce Education Curriculum Framework  CLICK HERE

Curriculum Scope and Sequence   CLICK HERE


FYI Transition

The University of South Florida, in collaboration with the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, developed a website to provide information to students with disabilities and their families related to employment and transition. FYI Transition provides information and web-based learning on transition planning, career and post-secondary education planning, job development and support, career exploration, funding, work incentives, and more.  FYI Transition is being maintained by the Training Resource Network, Inc., Dale DiLeo, with support from the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  For more information, click here.

Let’s Get Everyone to Work DVDs

The DVDS below may be downloaded.  

Let’s Get Everyone to Work: Resource Toolkit for Students and Families

This 45-minute video explores strategies and approaches that lead to successful employment and greater independence for individuals with developmental disabilities. It focuses on the importance of having high expectations for employment and independence and using a person-centered transition process that reflects the interests and abilities of the individual, while developing a collaborative and creative support network. Also included are 12 personal stories of individuals with developmental disabilities who are successfully employed or participating in postsecondary education. You may order one DVD online and make as many copies as you wish. If you need additional copies, please download from the website including English or Spanish subtitles.

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Student Family Intro English | Spanish Amanda English | Spanish
Antionette English | Spanish
Chelsea English | Spanish
Edwin English | Spanish
Jason English | Spanish
JJstudent English | Spanish
Jonathan English | Spanish
Kelsey English | Spanish
Michael English | Spanish
Misty English | Spanish
Richard English | Spanish
Shane English | Spanish
Advice Parents English | Spanish
Advice Students English | Spanish
Career Exploration English | Spanish
College Experience English | Spanish
On The Job English | Spanish
Person Centered English | Spanish

Let’s Get Everyone to Work: Marketing Toolkit for Employers

This five-minute video highlights the benefits of hiring people with developmental disabilities and the support that is available to help your business and your employee succeed. Also included are 10 personal stories of individuals who have become super employees with the support of their families, schools, employers, co-workers and communities.

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Employer Intro View Video
Amanda View Video
Antionette View Video
Edwin View Video
Jason View Video
JJEmpPs View Video
Jonathan View Video
KelseyPsEmp View Video
Misty View Video
Richard View Video
Shane View Video

Let’s Get Everyone to Work: Teaching Toolkit for Pre-Service Professionals

This 45-minute video explores the role of educators, rehabilitation specialists, social workers and other professionals in supporting successful employment and greater independence for individuals with developmental disabilities. It focuses on the importance of having high expectations for employment and independence and using a person-centered transition process that reflects the interests and abilities of the individual. Also included are 12 personal stories of individuals with developmental disabilities who are successfully employed or participating in postsecondary education.

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Pre-Service Professionals Intro View Video
Amanda View Video
Antionette View Video
Chelsea View Video
Edwin View Video
Jason View Video
JJEmpPs View Video
Jonathan View Video
KelseyPsEmp View Video
Misty View Video
Richard View Video
Shane View Video
MichaelPsEmp View Video
PsCareerExp View Video
PsCollegeExp View Video
PsMakingIt View Video
PsOnTheJob View Video

The Changing Face of Benefits

The Changing Face of Benefits self-paced workbook was created to provide individuals, families, and professionals with basic information about Social Security Disability and Medicaid/Medicare benefits, information to support informed decision-making, and programs and services available to help people with disabilities move toward financial success. The workbook can be accessed as a downloadable workbook (pdf).

Samuel's Journey is a supplemental workbook to The Changing Face of Benefits that is specifically targeted to individuals with disabilities. Samuel's Journey can be accessed as a downloadable workbook (pdf).

The Changing Face of Benefits is also offered as a self-paced online course which can be found at www.floridabenefits.org. Successful completers  of the online course may also apply for CEUs

Health Care

Fit Club Replication Guide

In 2009, The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council sought to support programs that would promote good health and reduce secondary health conditions (like diabetes and heart disease) in individuals with developmental disabilities. One program, The Gulfstream Goodwill Fit Club, was created in 2009 by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries and continues to operate today.
Members of the Fit Club participate in activities like wakling groups, workouts with a personal trainer, yoga classes. cooking classes, and nutritional education and counseling. In the last year of the program, over 65% of the participants showed improvement in at least one health indicator (like weight and blood pressure) and over 80% showed improvement in health awareness. 
The staff of Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, Inc. has created a replication guide for the Fit Club program. The replication guide is a "how to" manual that includes instructions on how to create a Fit Club in your organization that supports individuals with developmental disabilities. The replication guide is free and available by clicking here. For more information, contact Holly Hohmeister at the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council at 800-580-7801 or hollyh@fddc.org.   


Stress and What You Can Do About It

Stress and What You Can Do About It is a full color book that takes individuals with developmental disabilities through a colorful, graphically attractive and easy-to-read lesson in the basics of stress and stress management.  Among the highlights of the book are “case study” type stories that help illustrate the concepts presented, a basic “stress test” that helps readers identify if they are at-risk for stress, a stress rating system to help the reader gauge their stress levels in certain situations and a tear-out card that can be used as a visual reminder of the key concepts presented in the book.

 Download [PDF] [English]

 Download [PDF] [spanish]

Order Online [english/spanish]


Easing Your Stress

Easing Your Stress: Information for Caregivers of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, is an informative, user-friendly, evidence-based booklet written for caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. In its 24 pages, caregivers learn:
• How the mind-body connect affects their response to stress
• How stress affects children,
• How other caregivers have learned to ease their stress,
• What resources are available, and
• How to identify approaches that will work for them. Click on the links below to view the booklets or download  a PDF version.

 Download [PDF] [english]

 Download [PDF] [spanish]

Order Online [english/spanish]


Health Insurance for Young Adults

Just The Facts: The 411 on Health Insurance for Young Adults Ages 18-30 in Florida is designed to help all young adults - including those with chronic health conditions or disabilities - identify, access, and maintain health insurance coverage that meets their needs. To view the document or download a PDF version, click here.



Florida Health and Transition Services (FloridaHATS) is a collaborative program of the Florida Department of Health, the Children’s Medical Services Network, the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, and other partners throughout the state.
FloridaHATS’ mission is to ensure successful transition from pediatric to adult health care for all youth and young adults in Florida, including those with disabilities, chronic health conditions or other special health care needs. For more information click here

-NEW- Videos from the Florida Department of Health

The Florida Department of Health, Disability and Health Program is pleased to announce that 3 videos for persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers, and those who work with them, are now available on YouTube.  Each 20 minute module focuses on a different aspect of health.
The first video CLICK HERE  is about general health and chronic disease,
The second video CLICK HERE is about healthy diet and healthy weight, and the third video, at http://youtu.be/F8lmf1fPILU, is about physical activity and fitness.  They can be watched in any order.
An on-line copy of the booklet “Disability and Health: A Guide for Floridians” that is shown in the first video can be viewed, along with other information about the Disability and Health Program, by CLICKING HERE


Legal & Reference

Defendants with Intellectual Disabilities

This pamphlet explains how to diagnose individuals with intellectual disabilities and protect the statutory rights of defendants with developmental disabilities. (1997 [rev.])

Download [PDF]

FDDC's Universal Education Position, Policy & Practice Statement

Universal Education, also referred to as inclusion, is an approach to education that creates learning environments which are inherently designed for diversity, making natural education settings accessible to all children, all together, all the time.

Order English Version Online

Order Spanish Version Online

Florida Developmental Disabilities Council State Plan

The Council's goals, funding, and strategies for systemic change through the year 2016 are provided in this guide.

State Plan Goals and Objective 2012-2016

State Plan Blueprint 2012-2016

General Resource and Self-Help Guide for Children with Disabilities and their Families

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology has produced a comprehensive 96-page publication, “General Resource and Self-Help Guide for Children with Disabilities and their Families”. This guide includes up-to-date resource information with hyperlinks from the table of contents to the document, to appropriate cites, and to applicable federal/state laws, regulations and websites, making this resource guide user-friendly to navigate. To review this guide, go to www.faast.org/atr_trends.cfm.

Lighting the Way to Guardianship and Other Decision-Making Alternatives

This document provides accurate and timely information regarding guardianship and alternatives to guardianship for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, please seek the service of competent professional. Click here to download a copy.

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The Lighting the Way to Guardianship Online Training

Designed to assist individuals and families of persons with developmental disabilities understand the range of decision-making options, from an individual making his or her own decisions to guardianship or guardianship advocacy. 

Guardianship On-line Training Course: Click Here                    

Spanish Version:  Haga clic en Español                                                               


Lighting the Way to Your Choices, Your Decision, and Your Life

Every person who is age eighteen or older has certain legal rights. As an adult, you can exercise these rights by making your own decisions or asking someone to help you make decisions. To download a copy of this information, click here.

Service Coordination

Housing In Florida

A resource guide for individuals with developmental disabilities

Affordable housing and community-based services are the keys to independence for people with disabilities. The primary barrier to independent living for many people with disabilities is the ability to afford housing costs in the community. This Housing Resource Guide identifies and explains the housing resources available in each of Florida’s communities so that people with developmental disabilities will be better able to access the housing they desire.

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Click Here to download this manual


Housing In Florida, A personal Assessment Guide

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Click Here to download the Personal Assessment Guide

Great Resource on Disability Etiquette

Download [PDF]

Choosing and Planning Your Supports and Services

A resource guide for people who receive services through DCF/Developmental Disabilities Program. Large file 6MB. (1999)

Download [PDF]

Planning Ahead

Recently revised! A handbook for parents, family members and guardians of adults with developmental disabilities. Provides information that will help identify and plan the direction and future regarding the quality of life family members' desire. Personal information summary included to ensure the safety and happiness of a surviving family member with a disability.

Dwonload English                                                     

Download Spanish                

Order Online

Promises Made... Promises Kept

A policy analysis resource guide of public services available to Florida residents with developmental disabilities (2003)

Download [Word]

Working With Your Support Coordinator

This guide is designed for people who receive services through the DCF/ Developmental Disabilities Program, this workbook explains the support planning process, including how to select and work productively with a support coordinator. (1998)

Download [PDF] - English

Download [PDF] - Spanish

Special Interest Publications

A Strategic Path Forward

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, in collaboration with the Strategic
Path Work Group, contracted with the Human Services Research Institute to
develop A Strategic Path Forward , a plan for improving the state’s developmental disabilities service system.

A Strategic Path Forward PDF

Action Steps PDF


Becoming a Member of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

A brochure that explains how to apply for membership on the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council.

Download PDF

Disability Awareness Books

Click here to review disability awareness books recommended by the FDDC. 

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council 2014 Annual Report

(Will be available April 2015)

You can print a copy or call the Council at 1-800-580-7801 and request a copy.

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council 2013 Annual Report

Download PDF.

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council 2012 Annual Report

Download PDF.


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