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Outreach Initiatives

We raise awareness and impact our legislators through state-wide outreach messages and materials for use by individuals and families in the developmental disability community.

Each year the council prioritizes an issue that has broad impact on those we represent. Learn more about how you can get involved.

Archived Outreach Initiatives

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In 2019 the state’s Medicaid home and community-based waiver (iBudget), an insurance program that keeps 35,000 Floridians with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their homes and out of institutions, was under threat for continued funding.  The Council created and branded a message and website, materials, and resources, leveraged social media and the press to create a groundswell of support among thousands of Florida individuals and families.  The initiative saved current funding and increased funding for staff and services.

Learn more about the iBudget Waiver Campaign at (opens in new tab)

In 2018 families, individuals and organizations providing services to persons with developmental disabilities were facing a significant crisis in hiring and retaining direct support staff because of low wages and no dedicated funding for the developmental disability community’s most critical workforce.  The Council partnered with other statewide organizations to create and brand a message, materials, post cards, videos, leveraged social media and press to create a groundswell of support among thousands of Florida individuals and families to share their needs and their stories.  The initiative increased wages for direct support professionals in group home settings.

Learn more about the Pay Fair for Care Campaign

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Fostering systems change, secure funding, reflect the needs of individuals

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Advocating and promoting programs, practices and innovative initiatives

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