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A prime-time look at the 2020 Legislative Session

Sixty Days — A prime-time look at the 2019 Legislative Session:

The Last 24

The House has been moving forward with a proposal that would allow compensation to college athletes for the use of their image or likeness, and now the Senate is doing the same, but with less enthusiasm. Though it cleared the Education Committee, several Senators expressed concerns that allowing players to profit would erode the integrity of college sports or damage ties between universities and athletic conferences. Despite the apprehension, the panel sent the bill to the Innovation, Industry, and Technology with a unanimous vote. Here’s your nightly rundown.

More term limits. A Senate panel greenlit a bill that would impose term limits on the Office of Public Counsel despite outcry from Democrats and environmentalists.

Testing funds. The House PreK-12 Appropriations Subcommittee greenlit a bill that would direct $3.8 million toward creating a new standardized test for pre-K students.

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