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Autumn Giardini’s Story – Spring Hill, Florida

Spring Hill, Florida – My name is Autumn and I’m the manager of two group homes. These past two years have been rough not only for me, but for the residents and staff as well. We are unable to attract new hires due to not having the necessary funds that are now required to hire direct support professionals. The residents are suffering. The staff is suffering. The community is suffering. We have lost so many staff members that we have half the amount of staff we had one year ago. The current staff members are angels for staying even though they have the opportunity to make so much more somewhere as simple as a fast food restaurant or retail store. How can someone who flips hamburgers make more money than someone who provides necessary care to our most vulnerable community? The staff members who have stuck it out are working so many hours to make up for the shortage of staff that they never get to spend time with their own families. They are tired mentally, physically, and emotionally. The shortage of staff members also takes a toll on the residents. The staff members they do have are worn thin. Group homes are closing their doors left and right. If this doesn’t get fixed soon this community will be left with no where to live. Something has to be done immediately to help these individuals. It isn’t fair that they have to suffer, that my staff has to suffer, or that the community as a whole has to suffer. Please open your eyes and provide a solution to this mess before we lose more seasoned providers. We are doing our very best and it’s not enough. We are drowning and desperately need help.
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