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Debra Baker’s Story – Orange City, Florida

Orange City, Florida – My direct support worker for my son Kyle are everything. My son Kyle is with multiple disabilities such as intractable seizures of various types , mainly drop seizures, autism, developmental delay ( mentality of a 2 to 3 year old and is 29) he is speech impaired , he is in wheelchair with the ability of a two person assist for transfers to bed , couch, bedside commode and wheelchair. He is every bit of 6’7 and weighs 342 lbs. He is with seizures everyday of his life several times a day and requires emergency medication often. Kyle requires a nurse for seizure monitoring and daily medication and emergency medication due to his prolonged seizures and to assist the personal support for all his daily living skills as he is a two person assist for his health and safety. I am a disabled parent with a neuromuscular disease which is progressive and poly neuropathy among other things. I am not able to physically assist with Kyle but I am home to assist in other ways that I can. Without this help and without the state raising their hourly rates we are at risk of losing help and this would be detrimental to Kyle health and safety. These direct care givers allow Kyle to be in his home setting where he has always lived and continue to strive at assisting in feeding himself hand over hand and brushing his teeth, bathing and toileting as he can tolerate it. His health / seizures condition has worsened over the past two years and his required need for nursing and personal supports is much needed. Please help to fix these financial issues before our loved ones like my son and so many others suffer. Thank you

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