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Kathleen Dupont’s Story – Davie, Florida

Davie, Florida – My son is 30 years old with many medical issues. He is dependent on Direct Support Professionals for all his needs. He is unable to do anything by himself. He depends on DSP’s to be able to participate in the community and to take care of him. We are facing a very serious crisis. DSP’s are unable to stay in the field because they earn poverty wages and can not pay their bills. There is no where for many of these beautiful special needs people to go and no one to help them. We can not return to the days of institutionalization. They deserve better. It is also less expensive to assist them to live and thrive in the community and their own homes and more humane. Persons with disabilities have the right to live in the least restricted environment….just like everyone else. Please increase the rates for the professionals who take care of our most precious people.

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