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PFFMC Kevin J 2

Kevin James’ Story – Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida – Kevin’s direct support workers are so important to him to do the things he wants to do and needs to do. He cannot shower or dress without help. He would not eat if someone did not give him food. He would not go anywhere or do anything without help to arrange it and get to it. He loves people and he loves to go places and he could not do these things without help from direct support workers. He is not able to let people know if he is treated badly or abused and the risk of this happening is high when we have to hire people at such low rates. If someone is not there to help him, he will wander off and try to shake hands with anyone he sees and he will not look to see if there are cars coming. He has many medical conditions and he sees many doctors and needs help to get to them and to help him do whatever they tell him he needs to do. In conclusion, direct support workers are important because they mean he will be able to stay alive, safe and as healthy as he can be.

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